Google I/O is an annual conference of developers held and organized by google at San Francisco.It features highly technical sessions on web development, android and web applications.

The top announcements made by google


The very first announcements I liked was INSTANT APPS.
It means that suppose if you are searching something on google and you know that you can have a better user experience on its app then you can directly switch to the app just by one tap.For this you don’t have to go the playstore download and install just by tapping on your browser you can have an apps UI experience.
For Example:
If you want to buy a handbag and you know you can have a better experience on a particular app but you don’t have that app installed in your device so you can have an app like experience of buying the bag just by one tap on your browser moreover you can even add it to your cart and can pay through android pay as you are already signed in you with your android you don’t have to look for your debit card number ,pin and what all.So yeah this is one best announcement made in google i/o 2016.

Now you guys maybe thinking what the hell is allo?
Allo is the text messaging app developed by google.It is one of the other messaging apps like facebook messenger and whatsapp but it has some significance.
The significance is that you can express your emotions much better.Like if you type anything say Hurrah! so you you express it much better .If you want to shout than rather just tapping the send button you need to swipe it up and Hurrah! will be loud if you want to whisper something you need to swipe down the send button.
Its other feature include SMART REPLIES.
The app gives you suggestions about what would be your answer to particular question texted by your friend.It also gives suggestions for your reaction to pictures posted by friend.It analyzes the pictures and questions and gives you suggestions.This is really one of smartest thing done by google’s developer team. It basically uses machine learning to give you suggestions.

Duo is a video calling app.The significance of this app is that you can actually see through the camera of the caller’s phone who is calling you without even picking up the phone.

Google Assistant
Now here is another most loved announcement by google.The updates in google assistant.You can actually have a conversation with your phone.Anything you want to know just say “OK GOOGLE”.Once you ask google some question and just after that ask another question related to that topic you need not to mention the topic name in your it automatically understands what you are talking about.
This feature gives you an experience with talking to a person in a room on a particular topic in flow.The other gadget introduced was “GOOGLE HOME”.It is a device like voice recognition speaker .It is also like google assistant.It may act as a hub of all electronic devices in your house.You can ask it to play music it recognizes the command and plays the music.In this way it can act as a hub of all devices.All this is basically based on machine learning.

Android N beta version

There is nothing much new in android N beta from its developer version.It has some performance improvements with VULCAN API ,a new compiler and some security improvements.It also features a new clear all button where you can clear all apps running at background all together rather than just swiping one by one.It also features multi-window where you can run two apps at same time sharing screen.



Today I went in an event where it was discussed that does schooling kills creativity.There were many people who had different opinions but all were great.Someone said that in schools their is less scope for extra curricular activities moreover whatever is their in that too teachers select students who are topper and good ones.They don’t judge by creativity.Somewhere or the other our education system is just of scoring grades.Some said that for engineering entrances they just do consider PCM like seriously how can they judge an engineer by his PCM score.
Creativity means an extra ordinary imagination,thinking out of box and there maybe many other definitions and all.I saw many students who were blaming our education system for killing creativity,many of them think our system is not good but it is not the case our country has a huge population and to handle such a big crowd their need to be some limitation.Education is a limit which tends to infinity and this we can’t expect from our school.
But schooling is necessary at least I think like this because I believe for doing something extra ordinary we need to become ordinary first.
And school is the place where one learn basics of all subjects,then the subject which one likes can learn more into detail and can do something innovative.At the end of the day school is the only place where students get introduced to the subjects to do something creative.After learning the basics from school one can use his imagination power to do something different.In today’s era INTERNET is the biggest opportunity that all of us have to increase our knowledge and reduce the distance from infinity.


women emp2

Few days back  I was just passing by a street where I saw two bikers each one with a partner sitting at the back seat following a girl.Out of those four guys one guy liked a girl who was passing through the same street on a two wheeler.The guy who liked the girl tried to interrupt her drive by cutting the path of girl   thinking that she would get impressed by his most stupid idea.I thought that the girl won’t say anything and like many others just will ignore it and after reaching home will cry in a corner.She did the same thing which I expected from her she didn’t say anything to the guys.The silence of the girl gave the guy a boost to repeat the same action.This time what I saw was the most shocking thing for that time. Continue reading “THE WOMEN’S BREAKDOWN OF SILENCE”