women emp2

Few days back  I was just passing by a street where I saw two bikers each one with a partner sitting at the back seat following a girl.Out of those four guys one guy liked a girl who was passing through the same street on a two wheeler.The guy who liked the girl tried to interrupt her drive by cutting the path of girl   thinking that she would get impressed by his most stupid idea.I thought that the girl won’t say anything and like many others just will ignore it and after reaching home will cry in a corner.She did the same thing which I expected from her she didn’t say anything to the guys.The silence of the girl gave the guy a boost to repeat the same action.This time what I saw was the most shocking thing for that time.This time those guys were not spared by the girl.This time when they were ahead of her she increased her vehicle’s speed and stopped it exactly in front of their vehicles  forcing the bikers to stop the their bikes instantly .The four of them lost balance but nothing bad happen to them.But the faces of the four guys became faint by the shock.They saw what they never expected.Not only this but the fearless girl continued .She broke  her  silence and burst out in  anger on those guys without any fear of what the nearby people will say,what everyone will think of her, nothing she just threw out whole of anger which made those guys ashamed and after that they never ever tried to mess
with her.

See the women’s weakness is only their silence and nothing .They just have to break their silence and oppose everything which they don’t like firmly.The day women BREAKDOWN their SILENCE and start opposing every unrighteous acts that day will be THE BEGINNING OF END OF CRIMES AGAINST WOMEN.  There are many women in the country who  bear several  violent acts without a word just because they think that their family  will lose their respect in the society and much more  if they oppose anything .This thinking gives a boost to crimes against women.

I really feel proud for such a courageous  girl who without any fear of society burst out her anger on the stupid guys.She didn’t tolerate the unrighteous act and firmly stood against them.

Hat’s off to such a girl






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