Today I went in an event where it was discussed that does schooling kills creativity.There were many people who had different opinions but all were great.Someone said that in schools their is less scope for extra curricular activities moreover whatever is their in that too teachers select students who are topper and good ones.They don’t judge by creativity.Somewhere or the other our education system is just of scoring grades.Some said that for engineering entrances they just do consider PCM like seriously how can they judge an engineer by his PCM score.
Creativity means an extra ordinary imagination,thinking out of box and there maybe many other definitions and all.I saw many students who were blaming our education system for killing creativity,many of them think our system is not good but it is not the case our country has a huge population and to handle such a big crowd their need to be some limitation.Education is a limit which tends to infinity and this we can’t expect from our school.
But schooling is necessary at least I think like this because I believe for doing something extra ordinary we need to become ordinary first.
And school is the place where one learn basics of all subjects,then the subject which one likes can learn more into detail and can do something innovative.At the end of the day school is the only place where students get introduced to the subjects to do something creative.After learning the basics from school one can use his imagination power to do something different.In today’s era INTERNET is the biggest opportunity that all of us have to increase our knowledge and reduce the distance from infinity.


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