The New Beginning

Alok Agrawal Blogs

After my 10th board results one day my aunty visited our house.When she was having Snacks and conversation with my mother I entered playing a cricket with my clothes some dirty.She suddenly questioned me saying “TOH BETA KYA RESULT AAYA AAPKA??”I replied her”Auntyji 93.09%”.So she gave a reaction that how did I scored this much but anyway then she continued with her second question which was really a question to be thought about.She said “What you want to do further??”.I replied her that I wanted to become a C.A. After aunty went my mother  asked me “Do you really want to become a C.A?”
I said “Yes Mom”.But my mother wanted me to be an I.A.S officer and my father wanted me to be an engineer as all of my elder cousins were engineers.
Now it was a sandwitch of a career options with ENGINNERING at the top C.A in middle and I.A.S OFFICER at the bottom.
My mother supported me.Later my father also agreed but he said for 11th and 12th go with science rather than commerce.I chose computer science without any question as my stream and carried on for 2 years.Though I wanted to become a C.A but I also pursued computer science wholeheartedly.As a result of this I developed intrest in computer science as well during these 2 years.
Then one day after my 12th I went up to my dad and said him that I want to be an engineer, computer engineer. He became very happy.Even though I wanted to become a C.A.two years ago but I pursued computer science with my heart and developed intrest in that as well.

I met many people who say “I didn’t want to choose this as my career option but due to some reasons I was forced to choose this”.And then they don’t do things with any intrest and then they suffer its consequences.So I would like to say even if we are not intrested initially to do something not only career anything but if we try to do it and with full energy and with our heart we will surely develop intrest in it  and even get the benefits of it rather than consequences.And all this I am saying with my personal experience not just the motivational story.
And you will develop intrest in everything you do,there will be no regrets that why I chose this to do, you will do everything  more precisely than others,in short you will achieve benefits of everything even of those things which you never wanted to do.

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